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Last Chance At ALL the 280+ πŸ†“ Goodies!

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Hola friends!

i'm popping in to let you know that today is the last day to access all the free goodies i mentioned a few days ago. Not sure i'm what i'm talking about? Read the email here.

Also...You see what i'm holding in the header picture πŸ‘†πŸ½? You get the digital copy of the Winter Woke Magick FOR FREE when you sign up! Plus LOADS of Grimoire bonuses!

i've spent a few hours yesterday digging around all the goodies and i wanted to share some of my favs with you.

Some of my Spirit & Creative favs in the πŸ†“ bundle include:

🎁 Move Past Creative Fear by Dr. Bobbi Ballard

🎁 Create Your Writing Life with the CAN DO Formula Masterclass by Claire L. Fisher

🎁 The Daily Creative by Jenni Grover

🎁 Tarot for Anxiety Relief by Allyson Bright

🎁 Tarot for the Creative Process by Maggie Markham


Some of my fav B2B in the πŸ†“ include:

🎁 Small But Mighty Offers by Lizzy Goddard

🎁 Work Less, Earn More by Leonie Dawson (one of my FAV BIZ TEACHERS!)

🎁 Cosmic CEO Archetypes by Amy Adam’s


A few of my favs in the Premium Goodie Bag:

🎁 Online Business Playground by Lizzy Goddard

🎁 Money, Manifesting, & Multiple Streams of Income by Leonie Dawson

🎁 Soul Centered Planning Process by Laura Agar Wilson

🎁 Writing Your First Novel by Katri Soikkeli

🎁 Astrology for Entrepreneurs by Amy Adams

Regardless of what goodie bag you choose, there are SO MANY incredible resources to help you make 2024--and your RIGHT NOW--magick.

i hope to see you inside!

It all ends tonight at 11:59 PST.

i love you. You got this. i believe in you.

in lak'ech

Brandi Amara Skyy HWICH of WOKE MAGIC

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