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A Christmas Party, 280+ Free Goodies, & Choosing Differently

Published 4 months ago • 2 min read

Happy 🌑 in Sag

Go on an adventure!

A Year of Firsts: 2023 & Making 2024 A Different Kind of Year

This year was a year of A LOT of firsts . . .

Our first full year in our new little hill country town on my native lands in Tejas.

The first year (in about the last 5) that i said a big ol YES! to dancing for no other reason but for my love of it.

The first year i made the Woke Magic Grimoire available digitally.

The first year i spent my holiday Halloween in the hospital with my wife.

And the first year i decided to participate in my very first online bundle.

This year i was committed to doing things radically different. Some of my firsts this year were not what i would have wanted or wished while others blew open my mind.

Lizzy’s Christmas Party was definitely the latter.

Not only is she queer and uber-inclusive in her business, life, and her Christmas Party, but her company also has an extreme ethic of care—something that no money can buy or course can teach. Her and her team were gracious and kind as i navigated my wife’s health and an extended hospital stay while also trying to meet the requirements for the Winter Woke Magic Grimoire to be included in her Christmas bundle.

It felt important to share this background with you because i want you to know that i really don’t endorse a lot of stuff. i take pride in everything i share with you—i’ve never been one to just slap my name on something and promote it for the sake of my business or myself.

But Lizzy’s Christmas Party is different. Because she and her company are different. And i don’t want you to miss out on all the game changing goodies both her bundles—the regular FREE goodie bag (where my digital Woke Magic Grimoire is included) and the premium goodie bag (full of goodies for your life and biz)—contain.

Whether you're looking for something spiritual, something to help your business, or inspire your creativity, you'll find it all here. In total, there are 280+ goodies waiting for you in the free regular bundle and 145+ in the premium.

And any one of the products in either goodie bag has the potential to radically change your business, art, or lifeif you are committed to making that change yourself with the aid of your new chosen goodie.

Choose one. Choose them all. Choose to do something differently this year—you still have plenty of time to change your life.

But you don’t have forever to sign up for the magick contained in Lizzy’s Christmas Party. The party ends Thursday, December 14 at 11:59pm PST and i implore you NOT to miss out on the free or premium goodie bags.

i, personally, got both—because i know how much ‘free’ can change your life and what the power of personal investment can do (and improve) in your life and business.

And the best part is you have until 11:59pm PST on Tuesday, January 16, 2024, to sign up and download all your goodies!!

May this year be the difference in all the ones to come because you chose to make it so 🙏🏽

You got this. i love you. i believe in you.

Now, go grab your goodies before they are gone!

in lak’ech,

Grab Your Goodies

FREE or PREMIUM. And say YES to doing things, differently.

*Please note that these are affiliate links. By signing up and supporting yourself via Lizzy’s Christmas Party you are also supporting me & i may earn a commission when you do. It’s a system in which we ALL win. And i can totally get down with that. i hope you can too!

113 Cherry St #92768, Seattle, WA 98104-2205
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Brandi Amara Skyy HWICH of WOKE MAGIC

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