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Today is my BIRTHDAY 💃🏽!

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i am 45 and feeling so damn juicy & excited about it!

It has been a major rollercoaster of a year. There is so much to reflect, celebrate, and marinate on—and harvest medicine from.

  • i was asked to write a follow-up book to last year’s Little Book of Drag. i said yes and was pretty much given carte blanche to write whatever i wanted to about drag. My publishing editor & i came up with a beautiful ditty about advice from some of the most sickening drag artists in the world on how to live your dreams. It’s tentatively titled, Be More Drag, and comes out next year 🎉(This will be my SIXTH book 👀🤯 i have one more on my heart to release next year in addition to Be More Drag, bringing my total to 7. My favorite & most luckiest number. 🤗)
  • My flients (friends + clients) are doing UH MAZ ING things—going after dream jobs, writing their books, opening up their lives to more medicine and magic, and chasing their astrology dreams! Every. Single. Soul i have worked with in 2022 has taught me so much about resiliency, tenacity, personal agency, transformation, and the magic that can begin to move through us when we say yes to living our lives as proof of what is possible. They are the reason i wake up everyday excited and driven to do what i do. i cannot thank y’all enough. i love you.
  • WE MOVED 🤯🤯 i’m still SO BLOWN away that my wife & i left our home smack dab in the middle of the gayborhood in Dallas for acres of wilderness in Wimberley, TX. It was the best decision we’ve ever made together. i can literally feel & sense my ancestors here. It has been pure magic. And i am so so grateful.
  • The WOKE MAGIC Grimoire reached over 50 people! 🤯This book was such a huge & humbling heART project for me. And the fact that it has resonated and brought so much clarity, magic, and medicine to folxs is just icing on the birthday 🎂!
  • i’ve decided to open back up my 1:1 books for soul, life, and biz pláticas (spiritual soul consultation–some call it mentorship and/or coaching–on whatever topic(s) are weighing on your heart). Only this time, for the 1st time, these pláticas will be available on a sliding scale fee 🥰. However, due to my limited schedule, i will only be taking on a few every month. If you’ve been wanting to work with me 1:1 hit reply to this email and say, “I want to know more” & i’ll get you all the deets.
  • i healed myself. 🙏🏽 In September of last year after heading to the eye doctor with concerns about my right eyelid retracting, i was “diagnosed” with Graves disease and hypothyroidism (basically an over-active thyroid). After spending almost a year making the conscious choice to stay off meds, change my environment (our move), my diet (gluten free), trade in my daily coffee for tea, and actively spending 5 to 10 minutes everyday in communion with my body via mediation, visualization, & journeying, my blood work came back and my thyroid #s have returned to their optimal state of wellness. 🤗👏🏽🙏🏽

    i am deeply grateful at always in awe of our body’s ability to heal.
  • i birthed magic! Witchflix. Sacred Creatrix. The Praxis Portal. All these ofrendas came from the heart of WOKE MAGIC and the soul of me. i am SO looking forward to how they continue to grow and evolve in the next year!
  • And finally, June (our rescue pooch) has been seizure free for over a year now! 🤗🥳

As i close out my 44th orbit around the Sun and we as a collective begin to close out 2022, i want you to know that i really and truly love each and every one of you. Like real, BIG, forever love.

And i’m devoting my 45th orbit to actually showing and showering you with this truth.

2023 is going to serve up so much REAL magic—and i’m going to be sharing it with all of you! 🤗

i truly hope today feels magical for you too.

“Sometimes magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect.” –Raymond Joseph Teller

Today, be unreasonable.

Spend extra time luxuriating in your magic! (You know i will be 🤗💃🏽💃🏽🎉🎂😉)

i love you.

Mucho mas magic, love, and evolution!

in lak’ech


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