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The Wheel - Igniting Your Inner Light Leader [a tarot reading]

published6 months ago
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Happy New Moon in Leo!

This is a big NM for me as it is both my Moon AND my Rising sign ðŸĶ !

So i'm kicking off today with a 40-day experiment in my business that i'm calling The 40/8 AND a 21 healthy habit challenge--going gluten-free!

i really believe that any and every moment is an opportunity to be born again into whatever person, calling, or creative expression we want to be--whether that's a drag queen, a diva, a bruja, artist, writer, or whatever your fancy is.

i remember reading somewhere a phrase that has stuck with me throughout my various incantations of myself. i particularly repeat it anytime life, work, or my dreams get hard:

"Choice, not chance, determines your destiny."

Today, and from here on out, i'm choosing to be the lighthouse and powerhouse for the highest good of all i have the honor of coming into contact with. That includes all of you in this beautiful and magical inbox space! ðŸĪ—

Today, and always, i am choosing love.

What will you choose?

In celebration of this grand turning, i pulled a tarot card and recorded a tarot reading for YOU and ALL folxs who, like me, are feeling called towards something bigger, higher, and beyond what people believe is possible.

And for all those feeling called to be Light Leaders, Weavers, Brujas, Storytellers, Creators, and Medicine Keepers themselves.

Our card for this moon cycle (and really whatever 29 day cycle you find yourself listening to this reading in) is The Wheel.

And what a beautiful cycle life is!


🌎 ðŸŠķ May this cast (and New Moon) serve as whatever sign you are looking for that you have, hold, and house all the power, beauty, grace, potentiality, fierceness, light, and love that you admire and see in everyone else but yourself.


i see it ALL IN YOU.

And, if no one else does, i believe in you.

Enjoy the magic of the cast my beautiful magic + changemakers!

in lak'ech