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October Museletter 🎃

published4 months ago
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October is my favorite month of the year.

But for a really long time, i had so much resistance to claiming it as so. Why?

Because it felt like everyone’s favorite month. And i have always aspired to be different. To be unique. To be the one who ventures off the beaten path.

Looking back, i see i disclaimed many of my own authentic loves because i felt like “everyone else” loved it or was doing it. Alice in Wonderland. Drag. Magic.

i denied myself the organic joy and pleasure that these things brought me and instead went in search of something more unique.

In other words, i tried forcing myself to like something else…April instead of October. Some other whimsical fairytale instead of Alice’s.

In my pursuit of being outwardly different, i pushed away the only thing that ever really makes me/i/we/us unique in the first place—staying radically true to ourselves and honoring what lights us up. Regardless if it lights up others. And even if it does.

But as i came to embrace all the things i was naturally magnetized towards, something miraculous began to happen.

The story, month, thing shifted. As i added my own perspective, experiences, and understandings to these ‘everybody else loves’ things, whole new worlds emerged. Ones that only i could see. And ones that i knew only i could create.

And suddenly all these things that “everyone else” loved began to take on new meaning.

My meaning.

And from that authentic meaning, creativity (and creations) were born: Light Rabbits. 31 Days of Magic. How To Be A Drag Queen. Witchflix.

This museletter.

From new meaning—i.e. ourselves alchemized into things that “everyone else loves” (or even despises)—true creativity sparks and real world magic begins.

This is where our Sacred Creatrix is born—that hue of you that is destined for divine expression.

Because here’s the radical truth i’m on a mission to help everyone see:

We ALL have things that only WE can create. Things, ideas, intentions, magic that—once filled in with our own unique vision of life, experiences, and personhood—become something new and innovative, something this world has never seen.

Bringing those visions, projects, stories, words to life is magic. And your authentic secret inner wishes, wants, and desires are the keys to your owning and uncorking your creative creatrix magic.

And so in this month (my favorite month 🎃), i’m inviting all of us (myself included) to fully embrace the things, stories, months, enviroments, style that bring us joy.

Because within that joy lies the seedlings to our very own brew of magic.

And i want to live in a world that is full of your special blend of magic.

The magic + medicine of October is here to support all of us in doing that.

WOKE MAGIC is here to support all of us.

i am wishing you a month filled with magic, joy, and following your instinctual whims and flights of fancy.

You are magic.

And so it is 🙏🏽

in lak'ech

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