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Friday 13th Sacred Feminine Tarot Spread

Published 5 months ago • 2 min read

From the magic of Brandi Amara Skyy

Friday, Oct. 13th

Friday 13th:
A Sacred Feminine Tarot Spread

You are a goddexx. Regardless of gender, you carry the magick & medicine of The Goddexx in all her various incantations.

You/i/we/us are at one time and all at once:




When i meditated on the creation of a bonus Friday the 13th tarot spread for folxs who purchased the Fall Woke Magic Grimoire, the image that immediately popped into my view was The Triple Goddexx: )o(

The rest of the spread revealed itself from there.

Why the Triple Goddexx in a Friday the 13th spread?

Because for far too long, we've lived under colonization and the patriarchial learning that Friday the 13th is unlucky.

Because for far too long, we've been stripped of our seasonal cycles and our intimate relationship between our bodies and the Moon—regardless of gender.

Because for far too long, we've been taught that magick isn't real. Or that it's evil ("it's from/of the 'Devil'" is a Roman Catholic conditioning i've had to actively work out of my system).

And because when we reground our systems into that which has been domesticated out of us, we spark lanterns of recognition, memory, and magick in ourselves—and the world.

This morning, i spent about an hour doing the spread that i channeled. i saw myself in each row and placement of the cards. i cried because there spread out in 13 cards before me was my life as experienced and ever-evolving.

Currently riding the nepantla between the Mother and Crone phase, i can see everything i've been working on and through mirrored in the spread's patterns and cracks.

Initially, the spread was only going to be shared with the Grimoire folxs. But after this morning's experience, i felt it was too transformational to not share it with everyone and all.

Find the spread 👇🏽

And please take good care of you before, during, and especially after working with this spread. It has the power to offer you profound insights about where you are, what you are learning, and where you are headed in your journey. Please handle it (and yourself) with great grace & care.

May this spread and experience bless you with as many min-revolutions and revelations as it has me.

And so it is.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


PS. Curious about my cards? You can see my full spread here.

PPS. We are closing out the Virgo ♍️ Moon cycle today. Here is a short video on my end-of-moon-cycle ritual.

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Brandi Amara Skyy HWICH of WOKE MAGIC

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